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Aging veterans: who will be best in 2013?

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Which aging veteran will be best in 2013?

Ivan Basso
Cadel Evans
Michele Scarponi
Denis Menchov
Andreas Kloden
Chris Horner
Total votes : 84

Aging veterans: who will be best in 2013?

18 Dec 2012 19:45

Keeping the polls going so we have something to discuss in the off season, which of cyclings aging veterans (former GT contenders) will be best in 2013.

For this thread I would define an aging veteran as someone born before 1979 at least, who has had one or more seasons that indicates they could be in decline and aren't likely to be winning anymore of the really big races.

There is of course the possibility that the riders in the poll could improve on this last season, but I would say these are the 6 riders that can most be seen a being past their prime.
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18 Dec 2012 19:51

Sanchez should be in the poll, he is Menchov's age. Pellizoti too.

Ill go for Sanchez or maybe Evans. Menchov is dead to me and the others are too old.

And if you are counting Scarponi then Purito should be in there too, he is 3 months younger.

So in conclusion, Purito by a country mile.
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18 Dec 2012 19:51

Cuddle imo
User avatar LaFlorecita
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18 Dec 2012 19:53

Scarponi by a mile.
Menchov will rebound a bit.
Dazed and Confused
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18 Dec 2012 19:53

The Hitch wrote:snachez should be in the poll, he is Menchov's age.

I considered Sanchez, but his bad performance this year was mostly due to injuries. And his 2nd in Lombardia shows he may not yet be past his prime.

Purito just had a great season so I don't think he can be considered past his prime either.

Similar situation with Pellizotti, he was coming back from a ban and still had some good results this year that indicate he may not yet be past his prime.
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19 Dec 2012 00:48

Other: Contador :D he's no young pup anymore, and the rest on the list really should retire.
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19 Dec 2012 01:05

RoboBasso's gonna end with one last BANG! :cool:
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19 Dec 2012 01:27

The Hitch wrote:Sanchez should be in the poll, he is Menchov's age.

It's not the age you need to worry about, it's the mileage. Menchov has started 21 Grand Tours - two a year for the last nine years. There's a toll to be paid. He's burnt out early, just like Sastre did.

By contrast Sanchez has started far fewer GTs and has very rarely done two in one season - he's still good for a couple more years at least.
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19 Dec 2012 02:04

Cuddles. He will come back and surprise a lot of people, like he often does.
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19 Dec 2012 02:17

Sanchez. I also think that O'Grady and Voigt will show up a lot of guys too, even if they don't rack up any big wins. I'm expecting big final seasons from both of them.
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19 Dec 2012 07:54

Evans, I hope. Though I think Basso might still be able to pull out a podium finish at one of the GT's.
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19 Dec 2012 08:06

Overall performance: Evans by a country mile. I don't expect too much from him in the Tour, though.
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19 Dec 2012 08:28

I voted Scarponi,but I think Pellizoti will be even better;)
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19 Dec 2012 08:39

Kloden :D

Well he wasn't too far behind Cadel in last years Tour (though admittedly Evans put in some big efforts whilst Klodi just rode annonymously). I hope that he finally gives the Giro a go, and can finish in the top ten. Then ride as handy support to Andy in July. Certainly his days of a GT podium are gone, but so might be the rest of the riders on this list.
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User avatar gregrowlerson
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19 Dec 2012 08:58

papy horner and davide rebellin will rock the pro cycling world next year

the other mentioned riders are still teenagers
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19 Dec 2012 09:30

Di Luca!

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19 Dec 2012 13:37

jens_attacks wrote:papy horner and davide rebellin will rock the pro cycling world next year

the other mentioned riders are still teenagers

These old school guys without helmet.

Dazed and Confused
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19 Dec 2012 13:50

Tiralongo will win next years giro after Nibbles crack so i'll go for him
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Vino attacks everyone
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19 Dec 2012 14:38

Basso and Menchov seem to have gone the same way as Sastre late in his career. Don't expect much from Scarponi either. I think Evans will do well and Horner will look good in the races like TOC and the shorter stage races.
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19 Dec 2012 16:36

Vino attacks everyone wrote:Tiralongo will win next years giro after Nibbles crack so i'll go for him

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