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Sharing Cycling Vids.

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Sharing Cycling Vids.

18 Dec 2012 21:17

If this belongs in the other section then remove it there mod ;)

Since it's the off-season and although polls are fun I thought it was cool to make this thread.

I like to rewatch cycling vids.


I'm assuming all of you guys knows this channel. A LOT OF VIDEOS

I've downloaded myself some vids on YT which are deleted on YT like full videos of Tour 2011 stage 19/17/16 and plateau de beille stage. Not everything but like the last 50 km stage. And Contador's epic attack on stage 19 i've pretty much the entire stage. All in great quality (sporza commentary)

I've no idea though how to put is as a download orso so you guys can download it. But if someone wants to explain to do how i'll do it I guess ;)

I would say share awesome vids in this thread. And post some epic cycling vids that you've found on youtube orso.
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18 Dec 2012 21:19


Must be painful for vino-fans so pretty much entire forum ;)
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18 Dec 2012 21:20


This channel is pretty good I'd say
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18 Dec 2012 21:25

Miburo wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0TN5H4KYNs

Must be painful for vino-fans so pretty much entire forum ;)

That was the best stage of that year and the most important one. Vino and Kloedi making the break totally killed the Saxo team.
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The story is beginning again, just as it did 14 years ago

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18 Dec 2012 21:28

I just figured that i can upload the videos on youtube that were deleted last year.

It might get deleted one day but will take a while I guess

I'll do it in a week orso. Right now my internet is limited.

Does anyone want me to do it? Otherwise it's not worth the effort obviously although it only takes a min or 2 lol
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