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A very sad day - Nicole Cooke retires

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17 Jan 2013 02:11

Libertine Seguros wrote:
I have maintained, and will probably continue to maintain, that women's cycling needs a boost. It will continue to meander if it is not given a leg up. Now, if we get our women's events that are crowbared into the men's equivalents, or we get our elevated TV presence for women's cycling, and it still fails miserably, then so be it. At least it was given the chance and failed to grab it. At the moment, saying that it's not worth giving a chance to as the events aren't good (how would we know when we see less than 5% of them?) and there's no audience is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because if it isn't given a chance then how does it get an audience? Some highlights of a women's event earlier in the day would go a long way to liven up the first hour or two of coverage on a bunch of crappy Tour de France flat stages, that's for sure.

The secret is joint races, I believe. When, during the year, do the women's races seem to matter? At Worlds, olympics, Fleche - where they share the stage with the men - tennis is the obvious comparison - by sharing grand slams, and certain masters with the men, WTA have built a thriving tour, and they work together with ATP to their mutual benefit - it helps that knowledgable crowds know the women provide a different experience, not just a slower version of the men, but entirely different, tactically (unless a Williams is playing).

There is no good reason why the GT's can't have slimmed down women's versions running alongside - hey, set them up so that the final women's day happens during the men's second rest day - tv sorted, 'tradition' set up - it's doable, so why not do it.
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hrotha wrote:Following pro cycling is like reading A Song of Ice and Fire. You better not get too attached to any of the characters.

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