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People's Choice Classic: Adelaide East End Circuit, 51km

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20 Jan 2013 20:28

auscyclefan94 wrote:Did you watch the sprint?

Because of the split, it was a two man sprint with everyone trailing. He lost the sprint. To say he's back on that basis is the signs of a blind fanboy.

He was clearly joking. "Back to his favourite 2nd place" is hardly the blinding praise of a fanboy.
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21 Jan 2013 08:27

auscyclefan94 wrote:
Melbourne/Victoria has better beaches. Melbourne is not super hot like Adelaide is. Melbourne has great wine, go to the Yarra Valley my friend. I have barely started my friend.:D

Sydney trumps you all...:D
I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong

The Grand Boucle wasn't just Europe's for the taking.

"Has Porte ever dropped Nibali in any mountain?"
D&C "He will soon..."
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21 Jan 2013 10:53

greenedge wrote:Sydney trumps you all...:D

But, but, we have the Tour Down Under -- and pie floaters!
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21 Jan 2013 10:58

greenedge wrote:Sydney trumps you all...:D

Sydney does not. The place is super expensive and makes Melbourne look cheap.
diggercuz wrote:second post ever after reading the forum for the last few years and one thing i must say, ACF94 is probably the most intelligent poster here, never biased to BMC or Cadel, and never gets worked up over anything.
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