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What's more important in sport? Revenue or fair play?

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20 Jan 2013 09:21

jam pants wrote:Judging by the threads you've started today, we're now all aware that you just finished your first read of The Fountainhead. Let us know if you need more help with the book report for your high school literature course.

Can you leave out the personal jibes and stick to the topic. I hope you have more to add?
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20 Jan 2013 09:24

Fair play. Pro sport as it is is a freak, representative of the times we live in. In sport in general fair play is more important. Imagine for a second strictly no money changed hands in sport - everyone does it for it's own sake. Now imagine there is money, but no rules. The former would just be amateur sport, the latter basically organised crime, and irrelevant to the subject of this forum.
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20 Jan 2013 09:38

Basecase wrote:That didn't change the objectives of the game though or the rules on the field as such.

Well, football will always be about scoring goals, just like cycling will be about crossing the line first on a two wheel instrument.

Nevertheless the above example will often change the outcome of a football tournament (go back a check if you like) and it was all about revenue.

Last comment from me.
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20 Jan 2013 11:21

Cool it with the personal stuff. If you don't like a thread (or a poster), then just don't comment.

Moving this out of the Clinic.

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20 Jan 2013 11:38

Basecase wrote:That didn't change the objectives of the game though or the rules on the field as such.

It was akin to upping prize money so to speak.

0-0 draws don't sell tickets. Forwards and midfielders sell tickets. Defenders have been increasingly emasculated over the last 20 years in the interests of safety, but if today's footballers wore the same boots and shinguards as those 30-40 years ago they wouldn't be so vulnerable to being injured. The emasculation of defenders was done with the interest of the revenue at hand (it was in the lead-in to the USA World Cup that tackling from behind giving a guaranteed card was introduced, with the aim of selling the sport to the USA with more attacking football and more goals, since the authorities believed for whatever reason that the lack of scoring was the obstacle to breaking through in America), and paved the way for a number of tightenings of the laws on tackling, all of which favour the attacker. It has led to diving being taught on training grounds and given the euphemistic term "simulation", while a player will run into the penalty area, stick his leg out at 45º to brush a defender, throw himself in a crumpled heap on the floor, and the commentators will be screaming "there was contact! There was contact!" as if just touching another player is enough to justify a penalty. Physical defenders are now a thing of the past, players that would get under your skin and intimidate forwards. They can't exist in today's sport, because it's all been tweaked repeatedly to favour the attackers, because they sell tickets. Paulo Montero was probably the last real footballer, with a shout out to Mark van Bommel for at least trying to keep the sport alive.

The offside rule was introduced for a reason, but it has been tweaked many times over the last few years, thanks primarily to people like Ruud van Nistelrooy finding loopholes and playing hard and fast with the limits of the rules.

Another thing on revenue that trumps fair play without changing the rules of football per se... remember South Korea in the 2002 World Cup (several of the matches but especially the Spain one)?
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20 Jan 2013 18:14

Both are critical.
I've promoted both road and track racing at the amatuer level (I also was president of a velodrome). Without revenue it is impossible to put on a sanctioned race.
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20 Jan 2013 18:23

Professional sport is about earning a living, and the more money involved the more potential for a degradation of sporting values. I think the Armstrong era illustrates this nicely.

If you want a clearer example, take a look at English Premier league football. Those guys loose change in their back pockets is greater than most pro riders salaries. It wasn't always like this, and the sport has grown cynical as a result
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20 Jan 2013 21:39

Basecase wrote:Are you standing by your previous contention that my premise is flawed and sport is just entertainment?


The refereeing in the NBA always favours the big markets come play-offs.

They need the quotation marks "rules" for the games credibility and the economic consumption.
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20 Jan 2013 21:42

Basecase wrote:But the whole purpose of this discussion is to look beyond self interests and try to establish ultimately what's best for society with the role sport plays in it.

Do you need to know where someone is coming from before you give your opinion?

sport plays a role for activity and development of children and juveniles. before money and politics enters.
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20 Jan 2013 22:41

Ask a muddled question with faulty hidden premises, and get a muddled unilluminating debate.

Who knew?
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21 Jan 2013 02:08

Humm... lets see money makes the world go around and it also takes money to get 9 or 8 guys and staff to races all over Europe and sometimes remote locations of Earth and the prizes list money? Fair Play gives us? Something tells me the OP has issues with money.

If there was ever a troll thread this one is one of the trolliest of trollable and a mod posts in it and lets it continue, what does that tell us? :rolleyes:
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