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Pro Cycling Manager - anyone played it

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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28 Jun 2015 12:49

gunara wrote:
togo95 wrote:
Miburo wrote:Is there any way to change the parcours of GT's? Haven't played it in 4 years so.

Yes, it's very easy now, you just add the files to CM_Stages with the same name as normal GT stages and different suffix (variant name/year). They will automatically appear in the game as a variant.

How about wind speed/direction, departure & arrival cities etc.? Are such things controlled from stage editor? (assuming they have retired the .xml files for variant rules & description)

All those things are set in the stage file indeed.
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29 Jun 2015 13:05

Miburo wrote:Is there any way to change the parcours of GT's? Haven't played it in 4 years so.

Most DB's come with variants for the big races. PCMDaily have released an expansion pack for 15.
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29 Jun 2015 17:50

i have won my first GT with my be-a-pro Jamaican rider Romario Grant.. won the Vuelta after 3 seasons with 17 minutes... competition was weak.
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30 Jun 2015 19:53

Should I buy it? didn't buy it last year, but that new control a single raider career thing seems cool on paper
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Yesterday 13:00

Quick question, I've started a new career with a custom team of young riders. I remember in an old game that once you got a season or two into the game any rider you signed would still be riding in their old teams Jersey and not the customs teams Jersey you own. Does this still happen or is it all ok?
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