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2013 Tour of Qatar (3rd-8th February), 2.HC

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08 Feb 2013 15:53

Ryo Hazuki wrote:sagan does everything very well that he needs to do. ebh can't go very well past 200 km, which makes him so limited I see is future as an elite helper, similar to what voigt was somewhat

I think he can do well over 200 km, Worlds was still 260K although its not totally comparable to the classics, its still a long race and he was pretty strong at the end.

He also was very strong in Tours and the HEW classic which are long races (okay they aint that hard) but EBH is still only 25 years old.

However I still dont think he will play a main role in any of the classics except for MSR. He is good in cobbles and hills but not worldclass.
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08 Feb 2013 16:09


..... :rolleyes:

The Hitch wrote:You lost.me.there.

Btw wtf kirby was on commentary? I thought es weren't covering it.

lol, wrong word. Information rather.
And perhaps shifted out is too strong. Instead shifted a bit down.

Perhaps Kirby was subcontracted. Dunno.
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