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X-Fusion/Enduro1 2013 Race Dates

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X-Fusion/Enduro1 2013 Race Dates

12 Feb 2013 15:37

The X-Fusion/Enduro1 2013 Race Dates are:
Race 1 17th March. Great Wood, Quantock Hills.
Race 2 16th June. Forest Of Dean.
Race 3 15th September. ‘Sprint’ Enduro, Aston Hill.
Race 4 13th October. Swinley Forest TBC
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12 Feb 2013 16:26

correct me if i am wrong. isn't this MTB?

i am moving it the the proper sub forum.
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05 Mar 2013 18:56


I find the Enduro classification an interesting development in the cycling world.

However there seems to me no clear definition. the US UK and Europe all seem to have a different take on it.

Is it a mass start thrash fest. Is it a long travel xc race? or is it an ITT type endurance event? all of the above?

Regardless it will succeed , and I want it to succeed, only if is accessible to amateurs and doesn't become a pseudo pro gig exclusive to the top name long travel bike manufacture sponsorships. the success will be in participation not viewership. Participation will help bike sales too. IMHO
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