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Whats the Most You Have Won Playing Lotto

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Whats the Most You Have Won Playing Lotto

27 May 2013 11:39

Hi all,

Recently bought a scratch card and won a free ticket. And nothing with the free how to win the lottery ticket. Does anyone actually win these things or are they only good at giving people false hope?
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a dream is worth...............................

27 May 2013 11:48

dream on......................yes! there must be winners

but for any £50.000 jackpot there must be some 50,000 + losers

odds on 6 ball lotto are even more outrageously against a jackpot win
............some 16 million to 1

i would not waste my £.........................but if you have the spare £
how much is the dream of winning worth to yourself?

Mark L
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27 May 2013 13:03

True - if you need to justify it: "you gotta be in it to win it" does work.
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27 May 2013 14:03

Well... never actually played Lotto, so... :p

The last couple of years I've bought a "Scrape Christmas Calendar"* and won... absolutely nothing!

*Bit hard to explain, a piece of cardboard with 24 numbered patches each day from December 1 to December 24 you scrape a patch and, if you get certain amounts of certain pictures you win money....

However, I did win 100 DKK in a caption competition once... :D
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27 May 2013 15:45

I won €10 on the Euromillions last year. A massive result for a one-off punt by a non-gambler.
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27 May 2013 16:48

$20. A friend won $7 million dollars a number of years ago. The guy in front of him at the newsagent mistakenly bought two tickets, but only wanted one. My mate was behind him and got the second ticket which was the winner. Lucky him! We had a good NYE party on his expense though!
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27 May 2013 16:58

L'arriviste wrote:I won €10 on the Euromillions last year. A massive result for a one-off punt by a non-gambler.

One off punt?

Please say you have tried again ;)
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27 May 2013 21:23

Odds that the 'money will be won' - 100%
Odds that the winner will have a ticket - 100%
Odds that it will be you - very low
Odds that you'll win without a ticket - 0%

Don't pick your own 'lucky numbers' - it is very hard to stop checking whether you would have won... so you're hooked to keep buying tickets.

With 'Quick Pick' random numbers you can quit (or play) whenever you want!

Jay Kosta
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27 May 2013 22:06

Never won a dime, never bought a ticket. I guess that means my winning percentage is 100%? I have never even put even a dollar in a Las Vegas slot either so maybe I am an outlier. Just the idea of dumping hard earned money down a hole like that in the most likely vain hope that you will strike it rich seems stupid to me. If very many people went home from Las Vegas with more money than they came with they couldn't afford to keep all those lights on, could they?
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27 May 2013 22:11

Me and my best friend won money on bingo once as a kid.
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27 May 2013 22:12

You are only slightly more likely, statistically, to win the Powerball in the US if you buy a ticket than if you don't. My proof is in one of the recent Powerballs where an office pooled their money and bought tickets. They won, but there was a woman in the office who hadn't been working long and didn't have the money to put in for the tickets. Her coworkers decided to include her in the winnings anyway. You could also find the winning ticket on the ground. So I don't buy tickets.

Also, you are more likely to die in a car accident on the way to buy a Powerball ticket than you are to win the Powerball.
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