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Any Fans Of The Movie "American Flyers"?

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06 May 2018 01:50

froze wrote:I agree with the thoughts about the movie "American Flyers" being cheesy! What I want to know is how that one guy was able to ride at say 20 mph while keeping his cowboy hat on? I could never understand the draw of that movie, even if you go on the internet and search for the best cycling movies that one is always mentioned and well received and called a classic, I just don't get it. And yes there were "Russians" in the film, and since the Russians were fakes it added to the full body and hearty cheesiness of the film.

The "Flying Scotsman" was a slow movie but at least it was based on true events.

"Pee Wee's Big Adventure" is as stupid as a movie can get, it just doesn't get any dummier then this.

"Breaking Away" was another sort of cheesy film, not quite up to the full flavor cheesiness like "American Flyers", but at least it was entertaining.

The most interesting cycling movie I've ever seen, and maybe because I was on the fringe of the stuff they talk about, is "Icarus", it's a long movie and dry in spots but it's very relevant to the sporting world and will open your eyes as to what goes on. If you watch this film always remember that what they are doing in that film can and is expanded into all realms of sports, even down as low as high school level sports, stuff they don't mention in the film but you do have to keep that in your mind as you watch. There are other films about doping but this one I thought was by far the best.

"Ouicksilver" was another cheesy film but it was entertaining.

"Premium Rush" is sort of like the movie "Speed" except changed for cycling, it is a very entertaining film though and I enjoyed it.

There are a lot of cycling documentaries a person can watch too, I don't much care for those because they tend to be boring.

Hey Froze.
I'm going to tell you a secret I've never shared with anyone on this message board. Reason being is no one would care, but here goes: Breaking Away literally changed my life. I'm not kidding you; when I watched the film and thought about its inherent meaning, I decided I wanted to race bikes. Keep in mind that Breaking Away is not just about bike racing.
Breaking Away is about escaping your everyday mundane life. That really resonated with me.
I kid you not, I started training the day after watching the film. In three years I went from a chicken leg smoker to riding cat 1 and training with Olympians. That is how good that movie is.
I would never put it in the same category of the truly awful American Flyers. That movie is an abomination.
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Re: Re:

46 minutes ago

the delgados wrote:...I would never put it in the same category of the truly awful American Flyers. That movie is an abomination.

Will you marry me?? :lol:

Seriously, Breaking Away has a number of moments, some of them absolutely hilarious -- such as when Dad walks in on Dave shaving his legs -- that nobody but one of the cognoscenti could every understand. It's film as shibboleth.

That other film (which I will not deign to mention by name) has nothing to compare, none of Breaking Away's naïveté or light-spiritedness.
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