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Who will win Ronde van Vlaanderen? (Flanders)

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Who will win the 2009 Ronde van Vlaanderen?

Poll ended at 05 Apr 2009 01:32

Allan Davis
Total votes : 90

Who will win Ronde van Vlaanderen? (Flanders)

27 Mar 2009 01:29

Thoughts on the Ronde van Vlaanderen, anyone? Boonen, Haussler? Davis? Hoste? Devolder? Ballan? Nuyens? Flecha? van Avermaet? Hincapie? Arvesen? Pozzato? Kroon?

Seems to me that Boonen and Haussler are on great form. But Haussler is too inexperienced (oops, I said that for MSR too). I'll take Boonen, but I feel that Nuyens is getting better every year...
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27 Mar 2009 08:31

Leif Hoste is very experienced - and this year he finally will win De Ronde. :)
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27 Mar 2009 09:11

if Dwars door Vlaanderen is any indication of form, then I believe that Tomeke will win RvV. It pains me to say it, but the form that he showed working for his team mates makes me think that he's building to peak for RvV and P-R. Not very imaginative this prediction, I know, but the boy's looking in good form.
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27 Mar 2009 09:32

Agreed on Boonen - and he has great team support - Chavanel has really found a niche and I'm hoping QS repay him later in the season.

Hincapie showed strong form at MSR to keep Cavendish in contention and he'd dearly love to win in Flanders but I can't see him ever actually doing it.

Haussler will want to avenge MSR and he looked strong again at DdV, but whether he's strong enough for the real hard men's races?

This is just about my favourite time of the cycling calendar - the cobbled Classics aren't 'Monuments' for nothing ;)
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27 Mar 2009 10:33

I can't really look beyond Boonen for Flanders this year, Ballan either not riding or at best short of fitness, same with Fab Can. Haussler is capeable of upsetting the QS applecart, but I don't really think the support is their from the team, and he'll probably be a co-leader with Hushovd anyway. If Disco Tom doesn't win It'll either be Chavenel or Devolder depending on who gets sent up the road to counter any moves made.
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27 Mar 2009 10:40

I don't think Lotto have won a race of much note this season, if not at all. What chance of Hoste or Gilbert scoring a big win and kick-starting their season here?
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27 Mar 2009 12:57

Henri Desgrange wrote:I can't really look beyond Boonen for Flanders this year, Ballan either not riding or at best short of fitness, same with Fab Can. Haussler is capeable of upsetting the QS applecart, but I don't really think the support is their from the team, and he'll probably be a co-leader with Hushovd anyway. If Disco Tom doesn't win It'll either be Chavenel or Devolder depending on who gets sent up the road to counter any moves made.


Seems to me that Boonen's only disadvantage is that his team is too strong. Just like with Astana, I think it would be better for the sport if all these guys were on different teams and racing AGAINST each other.

Well, it would be better for me, at least...:p

PS: I would complain about Silence-Lotto, too, but stacking their team with superstars hasn't seemed to work very well...:rolleyes:
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27 Mar 2009 13:11

I gotta go with Boonen as well. The QS team is just too powerful. I have to rule out Devolder due to his fitness...getting dropped by Hausler showed me that he is not quite all the way back yet. Chavanel is a little sick with a cold, and he will be working for Boonen anyway. Hausler has a chance..but is his team strong enough? Also, I keep waiting for his form to come back down..he has been flying for so long already this season. I am going to make a bold prediction...Boonen will win both Flanders and PR this season. I liked the way the team let van Impe win last weekend...now he will ride his **** off for Tornado Tom.
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27 Mar 2009 14:29

My vote goes for Gilbert, He'll break the first win for Lotto.
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27 Mar 2009 17:58

My vote goes to Nick Nuyens. Quick Step showed off wednesday, but next sunday i think it will be a Rabo/ Quick step thing. Chavanel was allready at his best form 2 weeks ago and he has got a cold now, he'll lose some of his form.

I think it will go this way: it will be Boonen, Devolder and vImpe against Nuyens, Flecha and Langeveld. I think both teams will attack (V Impe, Devolder, Flecha and Langeveld) and Boonen and Nuyens will stay together in the group. When everything will get together just before Geraardsbergen their will be a group of 20 men on de muur and Nuyens will get away and make it solo through Denderwindeke to the finish. ? think he'll win cause Boonen can't get it organised and his teammates can't really help him because they are tired of attacking earlier in the race.
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27 Mar 2009 18:39

Sebastian Langeveld. At least, if they wont make his own teammates chase him down again. :p

A little more seriously though. He does have a good chance, but with Flecha and Nuyens on the team as well, he's one of so many...And, as stated before, Haussler, Boonen and Sylvain Chavanel will most likely be competing for the top spots as well.
I'd usually say Gilbert for these races, but I have no idea where he stands right now...
And I wonder if Terpstra has anything up his sleeve...
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28 Mar 2009 04:17

Has an official start list even been published yet?
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28 Mar 2009 11:19

Boonen is hot favourite, also if Haussler races then surely he is the form rider so why not..
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28 Mar 2009 21:11

My heart says Hoste, but my brain says Boonen. Haussler may surprise.
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29 Mar 2009 08:24

I voted for Tom ... but it will be very difficult, because of the previous races QSI will have to carry/make the race ... other riders will be able to profit

but Tom's shown in the past he doesn't have any problems with these kinds of situations ... and he's shown his form at the E3 yesterday
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29 Mar 2009 17:28

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29 Mar 2009 21:07

"wij zijn er klaar voor?"

You bet! That commercial has officially got me all jacked up for some Cuvée Van De Keizer & Frites!!!

Heart says Flecha, Hoste, or Hincapie (just for once)...Head says Boonen or Nuyens (the obvious choices)...A nice surprise would be Lageveld or Haussler.
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30 Mar 2009 01:26

boonen seems very motivated yet slow in getting up to form.Iguess it comes down to being in the right break,bring it on!
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30 Mar 2009 01:42

Haussler & Boonen seem to be the two inform riders. I think they'll fight it out. Hoste, Nuyens & Devolder as per usual will show themselves but will again fall short.
I think Cadel had Silence Lotto's first win of the season in the last stage of Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali with the tight lunge over Cunego.
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30 Mar 2009 05:49

pozzato will be the top favourite, after his performance in the e3-prijs.
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