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Tyres or Tires.

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13 Jan 2019 13:37

Schwalbe Durano Plus?

Not a lively tyre, but really tough.
(Warning: Posts may contain traces of irony)
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26 Jan 2019 23:01

del1962 wrote:Hi I am looking for recommendations for tyres for my road bike during winter

I want tyres that are easy to change and puncture resistant.

I am not worried about weight as I can reduce weight by drinking less beer.

It's an unconventional choice, but I bought some Clement Strada LGG tyres for my winter bike (there are some bargains about) and they have been very good so far. I would recommend them. They can be obtained with wire bead or folding - I bought the wire bead ones and they fit with ease. They say they are puncture resistant and I can't argue with that after just 350 miles of club riding on roads with salt and grit, in an area with local flint and sand on country lanes. I think I have just about given them just about enough of a chance to let me down - keeping fingers crossed.

P.S. I can't possibly recommend drnking less beer.
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