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Tour of Britain 2018 Route Announced

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Tour of Britain 2018 Route Announced

06 Jun 2018 22:44

Saw on my local news today that the tour of Britain will be on two days finish on Winlatter Pass, one a Team Time Trial (14K)

I guess one of the good things about Whinlatter is that it has a large carpark as opposed to more difficult Lakeland Passes

Anyway the stages

Stage 1 finishes in Newport


Looking at the map a hilly stage with flat finish.

Stage 2 Finishing in Barnstable


An attack at Challacombe could split the race wide open after a testing day in Devon, not a lot of flat wound there and I presume narrow windy roads

Stage 3 Starts and finishes in Bristol


Not sure about these roads but the finish is I think where Kwiatkowski won from a late attack a few years ago

Stage 4 has sprinters stage all over it


Stage 5 This is the first whinatter pass stage, a 14k team time trial from Cockermouth


Whinlatter Pass is not over steep the last 4k averaging 4%, but it will be interesting to see how teams hold it together on the 4k finish, this will probably decide the GC

Stage 6 twice climbs Whinlatter from the eastern harder side, not as hard as say Honister, but still an uphill finish, I dont expect big gaps and even riders like Ed Bos could win here


Stage 7 This is the longest stage finishing in Mansfield


Possible bunch sprint

Stage 8 Is the London Crit, not much to say about this, they could have found a more interesting way to finish the race

Overall there are some tough stages bit the TTT might be decisive
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Re: Tour of Britain 2018 Route Announced

07 Jun 2018 12:39

del1962 wrote:Stage 1 finishes in Newport
Looking at the map a hilly stage with flat finish.

It's a sprint/big break stage with a tiny chance for a late escape. Belmont is 850m at ~9% and might be enough if they were finishing immediately at Celtic Manor but there's another flat 8km around the sports village and into the city centre. Defynnog is steep with a gradually increasing gradient so in the right circumstances it can he hard, but with 80km of gradual descending to go... Knowing the area around Llandeilo pretty well I'm bemused at 'Bethlehem Hill' but I suppose if a break hasn't gone yet then a little drag up some narrow lanes with gpm points available might encourage some of the British teams to get going. Considering the level of the race you're more likely to get action on that terrain than if they'd got them to tempo over the Blacks and Crai to Defynnog instead. So it's ok.

All in all for a ToB it's not bad. The ToB is primarily a Worlds prep race so Whinlatter Pass makes sense, with 6km @5% it's not a crazy analogue for the Innsbruck-Igls climb (8km @6%) compared with most UK climbs which are steeper and shorter. Could have saved the long transfer north and used Gospel Pass from Hay which has almost identical stats to Innsbruck, but that would have its own problems.
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07 Jun 2018 19:23

380km transfer for stage 5. 320km transfer for stage 7. 230km transfer for stage 8.

Even by Tour of Britain standards, that's ridiculous.
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07 Jun 2018 19:31

Really happy about the route.

My Strava KOMS are safe for another year :D
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