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The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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08 May 2019 20:41

My Giro team:

V Nibali
de la Parte

I have Lobato for sprints, and Landa and Nibali for GC and maybe Kuss can get some points although not counting on it.
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09 May 2019 17:34

Strange year for me. Got points in races I don't care much about and dropped down into the midfield during the favourite part of my season. Some picks I already question, some obvious misses I'm biting myself over, but oh well...

I don't expect too much from the Giro this year (mainly because I don't want to be disappointed), but there's potential... I guess...

De Plus

Let's see if my gallopin gamble pays off
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09 May 2019 18:36

Finally a week that was half-decent, with Gaudu doing most of the heavy lifting. Up 11 places to 67th.

Not my year, this. It doesn't help being one of the very few who has avoided the (at least until now) misfiring Kittel and Cavendish when the ones I actually picked aren't doing much better. My team is either ill or injured (Porte, Gallopin, Vichot, Barguil, Aru, O'Connor, Valls), caught doping (Pantano) or just not performing (Bouhanni, Felline, Theuns, Meintjes).
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11 May 2019 11:36

Van Der Poel came for a month, like a beautiful and exciting exchange student, and seems to have spread fairy dust on the rest of my team. Gaudu has exceeded all expectations whilst Lambrecht was a revelation in the Ardennes. Planckaert is shaking off the Katusha shroud and even Kung picked up a bit after an average classics campaign.

Nothing too exciting for the Giro. Chavez, Nibali and Gaviria are neutral. Not expecting anything from Hindley or Honore, which leaves O'Connor as the only real difference maker. Given his season so far, a top ten seems very optimistic.

Luckily, Porte is back at California, which Trek will surely demand he take seriously? Atapuma, Cavendish and Bauhaus could all pick up points as well

And at Dunkerque there's Thomas, Navardauskas and Van Der Horn. The latter has been a disastrous pick so far, only rider in support of Van Aert, so I'm hoping this is the start of his individual campaign
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12 May 2019 21:04

De Plus +12.10 today.... that is very sad.
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

16 May 2019 22:38

Update #18: Calm Before the Storm

First off, apologies for the very late update this week. I was in transit and then in a remote location, and when I tried to post through my phone (because I had no wifi) Cyclingnews gave me some kind of "IP address forbidden" notice, which I've never seen before. Luckily, it was probably one of the quietest weeks points-wise in the game, so of all the updates to be delayed this is probably not the most heartbreaking.

Anyway, game-wise as I said it was a quiet week, with the 2.1 Vuelta Communidad a Madrid as the only race above .2 status, plus two stages of the Giro and one of the Tour of California. So it is going to be a low-key week, compared to the rest of the season. Let's see who got the right combo of riders!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 ThePirate81 122
2 Jancouver 101
3 freshman 100
4 fauniera 90
5 TheArt 87

ThePirate81 gets the win this week, one of only 3 teams to top 100 points this week. This was mostly on the back of unique pick Romain Hardy, who got 93 points this week to bring his seasonal total to 220 on a 120 cost. Add 25 points from Nibali and 4 from Rudy Barbier and that's good enough for the win. Jancouver ends up in second with a more disbursed points total (Nibali, Ewan, Gaviria and Bonifazio all pick up a handful) and freshman slides into 3rd with an even 100 with the same combo except for Restrepo (35 points) instead of Bonifazio (who got 36).

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 AupaPyama (+4)
1 DFA123 (+4)
1 freshman (+4)
4 PremierAndrew (+3)
4 Tonton (+3)
4 ThePirate81 (+3)
4 Jancouver (+3)
4 PeterB (+3)

Not a ton of movement here. freshman repeats on the podium, but tied with DFA123 and AupaPyama for top spot with a whopping 4 spot jump.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 Googolplex 151
2 armchairclimber 135
3 Popchu 133
4 TheArt 126
5 Nicosix 120

The points count the same in the Green Jersey competition even in weeks with few CQ points, and interestingly, lots of teams near the top of this ranking got more points this week. Googolplex - already in first - picked up 7 more points to add to their team's lead, and second place armchairclimber was the only team in the top 5 overall not to score, with Popchu and Nicosix both picking up 15 points this week, and TheArt picking up 26.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (-) Object 5877
2 (-) fauniera 5699
3 (-) Tigerion 5453
4 (-) tobydawq 5404
5 (-) EvansIsTheBest 5389
6 (-) karaev 5293
7 (-) skidmark 5281
8 (-) Kryvo 5259
9 (+1) TheArt 5166
10 (-1) Nyssinator 5128

Not much to comment on here - for example, fauniera got 4th place on the week and Object got 55th, but the gap only closed by 47 CQ points. Only one spot changed space, and we didn't gain or lose anyone in the top 10.

This week will certainly bring some more CQ action, with a whole week of Giro stages, California, Dunkirk, and a smattering of small races.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

16 May 2019 23:09

Together with Van Der Poel, I must say Sergio Higuita has been a pleasure to follow this season .- within my squad of course!

Hopefully, Higuita has a great ride tomorrow on Mt Baldy. His leather finisseur attributes might come in handy ¨as proven more than once this season¨ - if he arrives with a few others at the finish.

I also have Giovanni Carboni, so today was a pleasant surprise in the Giro - hopefully, he can have a nice Giro although the last 10 days will be brutal indeed. Good prospect though!
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17 May 2019 03:24

Still holding on to the podium position
Great result yesterday for my oh so close to unique pick Masnada getting the win.
I have no idea how I'll end up after GC but will hold for as long as I can

Also managed the double with a winner in TOC as well. Which is good because I was thinking I had no points coming out of there
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18 May 2019 06:38

Just need Pogacar to hang on in Cali and Schachmann to climb a few spots and I'll be happy. Not doing much at the giro, although at least Ciccone seems to be making a serious bid for the mountains jersey. Hopefully he'll get a stage win too. Other than that, I'm dependent upon Nibs, who is neutral in this competition. Glad Oomen has got himself back into a point scoring position. Hope he can hang on to a few.
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18 May 2019 17:59

The battle between Ewan and Gaviria is quite interesting. With today's win, Ewan takes quite a jump in front of Gaviria and has now earned 519 points compared to the Colombian's 458. But Gaviria was a good deal cheaper at a cost of 602 compared to 776 for Ewan.

So you could say that it currently looks like it's a bit a case of neither here nor there whether you picked the one or the other.

That said, I have been much more impressed by Ewan's season and he has really had potential for more points (he was disqualified from a win in TDU and crashed just before a sprint where he probably would have been second in Paris-Nice), whereas Gaviria has been seriously underwhelming and now, apparently, injured.

Having Kristoff as a leadout in the Tour is going to be interesting, though, and the jury is still out on who comes up on top from this battle.

In other news; it's unfair that a 20 year old at a cost of 361 already doubles that score by May :Neutral: I really should have picked Pogacar but I guess nobody had expected a season like the one he has had. What a freak.
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19 May 2019 04:43

"Unfair" :lol:
User avatar armchairclimber
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19 May 2019 07:17

And there goes Gaviria from the Giro.
I expected a bit more from Porte in Cali, it wasn't the greatest race for me.
The rest of the Giro should be ok for me, I have Nibali, Zakarin, Landa, Ciccone and Carboni as my main guys for the rest of the race.
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19 May 2019 20:18

Well, when you expect the week to be almost pointless then suddenly Mike Teunissen takes a truckload of points in Dunkerque and saves the week :D Valerio Coti as a unique pick is also quite nice this week! Unfortunately at leat half my team are useless or injured this season, so I will take all small victories I can get ;)
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

20 May 2019 13:01

Making the highest movers list is always nice. With Gaviria, Ewan and Il Squalo as my top riders, this Giro could get me some points and hopefully get back in the middle of the pack :) .
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21 May 2019 15:59

I could have had 150+ points in Dunkerque for Venturini... Not sure if I'm angry with the jury or frustrated with Clement :o
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21 May 2019 21:05

Greipel and EBH picks are killing me despite nice lower cost picks. But with this two i have no chance to win this year.
Also Enger Holst pick is my nominee for "WTF i was thinking" pick of the year)))
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

21 May 2019 21:57

...forgot to mention that my uni-pick Cees Bol's Tour of Cal win. Just sayin' :cool: .
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

22 May 2019 04:05

Update #19: laarsland takes the week

With three tiers of racing going on this week (ongoing stages at a GT, the lower-tier WT race in California, and the HC six-stages-but-four-days of Dunkirk), there were plenty of options for points to be mined with stage wins and GC points, and of course hopes going up and down at the Giro GC with the payoff delayed for another few weeks yet.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 laarsland 571
2 Riverside 555
3 Jakob747 534
4 ansimi 522
5 Josedin 508

The week goes to laarsland with 571 points. Their team is one of only 3 with the suddenly dominant Mike Teunissen picking up 246 points in Dunkirk, but also they got healthy contributions from Ewan (125) and Gaviria (110) at the Giro. Riverside finishes 16 points back with a totally different set of riders, as one of 7 teams with the jaw-droppingly good Tadej Pogacar (244 points this week), as well as 114 from Groenewegen (2 teams) and 111 from Keukeleire (5 teams). Jakob747 has a great showing to make the podium being pulled by the Higuita train (only 2 teams picked him but he got another 194 this week to bring his profit so far to 329 points on a cost of 119).

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team Up/down
1 laarsland (+16)
2 Riverside (+14)
3 will10 (+13)
4 ansimi (+12)
5 Josedin (+10)

laarsland and Riverside top this one too, moving up 16 and 14 places respectively. will10 gets in on some podium action, moving up 13 places mostly thanks to Pogacar and Gaviria.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 armchairclimber 153
2 Googolplex 151
3 Popchu 133
4 TheArt 126
5 Nicosix 120

There's a new leader of this competition! After Googolplex extended their team's lead last week with 7 points, armchairclimber scores 18 this week to overtake Googolplex by two points. No other scoring in the top 5.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (-) Object 6139
2 (-) fauniera 5883
3 (-) Tigerion 5833
4 (-) tobydawq 5688
5 (+2) skidmark 5654
6 (-1) EvansIsTheBest 5627
7 (-1) karaev 5601
8 (-) Kryvo 5520
8 (+9) Jakob747 5520
10 (-) Nyssinator 5510

Not a ton of movement on the overall either - fauniera lost about 78 points to Object so that lead is extended, but most teams were between 250 and 400 on the week so just some minor jockeying. Jakob747 rockets into the top 10 while we lose TheArt from last week's top 10.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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23 May 2019 20:51

Cheers. I think the main competition will be beyond my team, so it's nice to be leading something.
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Re: The 2019 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

23 May 2019 22:41

Are there points for wearing the pink jersey? If so, my uni-pick Polanc will serve me well. +2 spots, now 92nd, every point counts :) . I shall resurrect and Cadel Evans my way up the ranking mountain :D . Tour de l'Ain coming up by the way ;) .

Hats off to the top dogs. And thanks skidmark!
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