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UCI 6.8kg (14.99lb) weight limit IGNORANT,

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UCI 6.8kg (14.99lb) weight limit IGNORANT,

21 Feb 2019 16:33

UCI's 6.8kg (14.99lb) weight limit represents gross negligence & exposes the UCI in an unfavorable manner making certain their inability to be fair and honest in it's business. -Compromises their credibility!

This disgrace implicates how the UCI is influenced by bike manufacturers etc (rather than being influenced by science), which further effects cyclists negatively worldwide.

6.8kg (14.99lb) weight limit is, in 2019, blatantly ignorant. Outdated is an understatement.

Negatives due to the UCI's negligence include but is not limited to;
*heavier disc brakes, which are further implicated with safety issues.
*heavier wider tires & rims
*heavier carbon deep dish rims
*use of power meter


This [b]from 2011 as just one example:[/b]

"Analysis: Eliminating the UCI bike weight limit is overdue"

Pressure should be applied to bring the current weight limit to a SWIFT reality check.
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13 Mar 2019 18:36

Disc brakes would be at an even bigger disadvantage if the UCI lowered the weight limit. Won't happen because it seems to me the industry gets what it wants and the industry wants to push discs. Few disc equipped bikes get to the UCI limit now. The linked article says it is easy to get below the limit. Not when you add half a kilo or more for discs, hydraulics, reinforced frames and forks. Also, as far as strength testing is concerned, testing frames should be relatively easy but testing wheels/rims? Some sort of easily applied standard would need to be developed.
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