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AC joint recovery

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AC joint recovery

10 Jun 2019 19:49

I had a bit of a smash a few weeks ago. Broken ribs, collapsed lung, hairline fracture of the elbow and a grade 3 AC joint subluxation. Ribs, lung and elbow are all fine but the AC is still a good bit off. The doctors advice was that they weren't going to operate unless things started to get worse. From what I know, a grade 3 means the AC is done and not coming back so I've got plenty of physio ahead to rebuild the muscles and stabilise the rest of the shoulder area.
I'm back on the turbo and have no issues with my shoulder while holding the bar. I've even done some short intervals out of the saddle with no discomfort but I'd say there will be big difference between an hour in the kitchen and 4+ hours up the mountains.
Anyone else do their AC and what was your recovery like?
I have a weeks cycling holiday tying in with the Vuelta Espana in September. Should I be concerned or do you think I should be OK, all going well?
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