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New Cyclingnews Forum Announcement

Home for all your redesign feedback. We'll make all our important announcements here too!

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10 Jul 2019 14:32

Hah - you're welcome to critique as much as you'd like. Criticism and feedback is welcome and encouraged!

The new forum roll-out was delayed expressly and specifically because of the Tour de France scheduling. Everything was (and is) ready with the new forum software. But it'd be incredibly disrespectful and disruptive to roll it out right at the busiest, most active time for discussion - even in light of some of the extant issues with the existing forum software.

Bear with for a little longer, and you'll be pleased with the new experience.
User avatar jpishgar
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11 Jul 2019 07:01

How long are you expecting the update to take? Doing it on July 4th wouldn't be right at, but right before the busiest time on the forum.
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User avatar RedheadDane
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17 Jul 2019 02:00

Rough estimates peg the update taking a day - but hopefully things will go quicker than that. We'll do our best to ensure it isn't scheduled at an inopportune time.
User avatar jpishgar
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