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General News Thread

A place to discuss all things related to current professional road races. Here, you can also touch on the latest news relating to professional road racing. A doping discussion free forum.

Re: General News Thread

14 May 2015 08:33

Interview w/Oskar Svendsen from September 2014: http://www.dagbladet.no/2014/09/18/sport/sykkel/procycling/procyclingno/35331746/ (Norw)
Interview w/Oskar Svendsen from November 2014: http://www.procycling.no/verdensmester-fra-2012-trapper-ned/ (Norw)

The national team coach, Stig Kristiansen, was guest commentator on Eurosport yesterday and talked a little about him: Svendsen has been riding his bike, they are hoping he will come back, there is more to life than cycling and VO2 max.

Kristiansen also said that any rider concidered a climbing talent has a VO2 max of over 90. He mentioned MTB'er Sondre Kristiansen (son of former marathon WR holder Ingrid Kristiansen) and L.P. Nordhaug as having VO2 max of over 90.
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Re: General News Thread

18 May 2015 17:38

Francesco Reda (winner of stage 1) has been thrown out of the An Post Ras, for hanging on his car for too long after a puncture. not deafting. hanging with a hand to the car. that's what the jury said
but it seems things were not so clear

here's his reaction

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18 May 2015 17:40

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