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A place to discuss all things related to current professional road races. Here, you can also touch on the latest news relating to professional road racing. A doping discussion free forum.

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18 Jul 2017 17:12

Gigs_98 wrote:
Netserk wrote:#Homophobia

I'd find it pretty funny if the podium boy would also kiss the rider :lol:

I know some riders who wouldn't mind
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18 Jul 2017 18:04

Valv.Piti wrote:Why do we need podium guys among the podium girls? What nonsense. What absolute nonsense Guillén.

I like the fact that Pereiro will join in tho in the role of Bernard, thats cool!
Me too who needs podium boys when you have Oscar!
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19 Jul 2017 19:01

FWIW if I was a cyclist I'd totally lean in to kiss the podium guys. Full equality NOW.

But actually if you're going to have podium guys, you might as well just have the trinkets presented by the local mayor or an executive from one of the sponsors or something. I notice British races seem to do this. Just shake hands with them and that's it.
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19 Jul 2017 22:55

Valv.Piti wrote:Ill let race organisers decide why we should have that. But lining podium guys up, in a mens race, is just.. yeah, I don't know. While it doesnt matter much its just ridiculous that we apparently consider that as gender equality.

It's almost as bad as having nicely dressed podium girls standing onstage at a women's race. You know, so the photographers have something worthy of being photographed instead of just sweaty disheveled women who just won a race.

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19 Jul 2017 23:14

Of course it's this sh*tty country that spawned the idea that we're too "enlightened" to have nice things after a hard days work.

Brian Holm was right.
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Re: Re:

Yesterday 10:43

GenericBoonenFan wrote:
Gigs_98 wrote:
Netserk wrote:#Homophobia

I'd find it pretty funny if the podium boy would also kiss the rider :lol:

I know some riders who wouldn't mind

I'm pretty sure I've seen riders kiss each other after a stage...
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