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01 Dec 2016 09:19

Alexandre B. wrote:http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/tour-of-guangxi-added-to-2017-worldtour-calendar/
This is terrible.

"The UCI's main role is to grow and develop cycling globally and China provides us with a wonderful opportunity to engage with literally hundreds of millions more people." - Brian Cookson

Tour of Beijing didn't teach a lesson, it seems. Race where there are people who care about the sport, not just where there are people.

I'm all for top level cycling to be expanded to different non-traditional cycling countries but as Beijing proved you can't just dump a new race in at the top level and expect it to work, why not let Guangxi run for a couple of seasons and build some history and interest then promote it to the top level of the sport. Baffles me how cycling keeps making the mistake of chasing the quick dollars that end up getting the sport nowhere, the worlds in Qatar and the new Bahrain team are just some recent examples of this.
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