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General News Thread

A place to discuss all things related to current professional road races. Here, you can also touch on the latest news relating to professional road racing. A doping discussion free forum.

11 Oct 2016 21:01

Bruges presented today a new cycling 1.1 race after losing the start of the ronde, they hope to grow into a WT event in the near future
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Re: General News Thread

12 Oct 2016 16:05

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Re: General News Thread

15 Oct 2016 19:06

With Bergen next and year and Yorkshire after, its no way we can beat the spectator spectacle at DOha! D
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Re: General News Thread

17 Oct 2016 08:32

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Re: General News Thread

18 Oct 2016 12:20

San Luis and Bayern Rund cancelled
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Re: General News Thread

18 Oct 2016 19:35

One overpriced brand absorbing another overpriced brand, yep this feels about right
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Re: General News Thread

Today 11:22


Interesting news about a race in Costa Rica from 16-19 february, should be fun for Amador.
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Today 16:51

Another Purito year left!!
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Re: General News Thread

37 minutes ago

Scarponi wrote:San Luis and Bayern Rund cancelled

Really bad news.
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