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17 Jan 2017 04:09

Okay, I know this isn't technically news, but I don't know where else to much this very (not) serious question:

Nobody started the mandatory Last team/major country to get a win threads yet?

BTW: I'm voting Denmark in the country thread because, yeah... :rolleyes:
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17 Jan 2017 13:44

Abit too early.
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17 Jan 2017 21:30

For those who speak Dutch, nice little piece on the Tour of Congo, which happens to be vastly different from the well-organised European races.


- Due to not enough rooms on a plane, not all bikes could be transported to the starting location, so the first stage would be ridden without the whole peloton being there, but the VIP who had to give the starting sign wouldn't show up for half a peloton, so the first stage was delayed
- For more stuff like that, no stages were ridden in the first 3 days of the race, so the race director was fired and jailed, though people say he'll probably organize the race again next year
- Due to chaotic scheduling, transfers are long and very hectic, and some bus drivers use cocaine to stay awake
- Several teams had to sleep in brothels rather than hotels
- It was considered relatively normal for a rider to get diarrhea at some point during the race
- The people were all super excited about the race going through their towns and villages, and in the finishing criterium the crowds were huge.

And the winner was Dutch. There is **** hope after all
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18 Jan 2017 13:37

Cocaine, brothels...

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21 Jan 2017 11:39

Volta ao Algarve will be live on ESP this february.
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