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Round-the-world cyclist Pushkar Shah

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Round-the-world cyclist Pushkar Shah

08 Apr 2010 16:26

Hey ScottSoCal can ya beat 1200 different beers. I'll bet some tasted like pp water
Pushkar Shah has traveled to some of the most hostile places on the planet, sleeping rough and enduring robbery and kidnap -- all in the name of world peace.
"eating and drinking whatever was offered by local people............he claims, more than 1,200 varieties of beer.

Round-the-world cyclist eyes Everest summit
It was all I could do to submit this comment I don’t know where the inspiration came from…
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08 Apr 2010 16:59

Cool article, thanks for posting:cool:
"One man's breath is another man's death."
Eddy Merckx
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09 Apr 2010 19:14

This Chinese guy is doing a similar journey all over the world on his bicycle. He also got robbed multiple times and has gone through 6 passports so far. Most of it is in Chinese but some of it in English:

piccoli equivoci senza importanza.

Visit my blog on spanish history: http://www.histoires-espagnoles.blogspot.fr
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