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The official debate: Should Contador have waited for Schleck?

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15 May 2015 20:52

The situation afterwards was even more complicated due to the fact that Contador was deep in if not alrady confirmed the change to Riis' team..

The point is that Contadors "shaky" handling and the half excuse he posted late in the evening came after late night conversations with Riis on the phone..
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15 May 2015 20:58

I don't think there is a right and wrong here..

The riders don't have the luxury of post stage analasys as we do..

They have to make a decision and might feel ambivalence towards it later..
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16 May 2015 01:36

Yeah, he should have waited. Why not waiting while drinking a coffee and eating some candies?

Cyclists are paid to win, period.
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