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Forum discussion tagged with cort.
  1. Tour de Romandie 2023, April 25-30

    It's the battle of the Yates brothers. But other then them there are also an ssortment of other GC talent. Higuita, Bardet and Lutsenko have all been in great form. Also the long awaited return of young Juan Ayuso, who was 3rd last year in the Vuelta at the age of 19. Last year it was Vlasov...
  2. Milano - Sanremo 2023, one day monument, March 18

    PS: Mostly copied from last year :D You know this race. The oldest classic, the sprinter's classic, except when it's not. Will Pogacar, Wout, MVDP and other all rounders manager to drop the sprinters on the Poggior or not? Will Mohoric try on the descent again? Time will tell! Notable...