100th Giro D' Italia Predictions

Podium: Quintana, Nibali, Dumoulin
Most Stage Wins: Gaviria
Stage 1 Winner: Gaviria
Stage 10 Winner: Dumoulin
Stage 21: Winner: Dennis
GT Top 10 GC Debutants: Thomas, Zakarin, Hermans
(Other riders with no Top 10 GC yet: Costa, Reichenbach, Kangert, Rosa, Dupont, Visconti, Taaramae)


Nov 18, 2013
Podium: Quintana, SK, Landa
Most Stage Wins: Quintana
Stage 1 Winner: No idea
Stage 10 Winner: Dumoulin
Stage 21: Winner: Dumoulin
GT Top 10 GC Debutants: Zakarin, Thomas, Kangert

Bonus prediction, Nibali to get dropped hard on first MTF, but somehow cling on, find his form and ride back into contention, but just miss the podium.
1. Quintana 2. Landa 3. Nibali

Gaviria to asswhop Greipel, Landa to win a few stages including Blockhaus, but ultimately Nairo will win the GC after a Sastre-esque performance to Piancavallo (or Pantani I guess). G to finish 8th at best.
I think all intelligence suggests that this race will be Quintana and then everyone else

But the Nibali force is strong...his rivals have a way of disappearing from any GT

I would really like to see SK and Landa on the podium , because I like them both and
SK deserves it after last year and
Landa needs it if looking for a new contract

The following will win stages
Greipel,Ulissi, Dennis , Konrad, Formolo, Dombroski, Fraile, Cataldo

Top 10 will include Rolland, Yates, Kangert, Pozzo, Amador
Maglia Rosa: Nibali
2. Quintana, 3. Pinot

Most Stage Wins: Greipel - somehow always manages to perform in the Giro.
Maglia Azzurra: Dupont, Kangert, Cataldo - it's really difficult to say, but Astana's got not serious GC plan and a some great climbers.
Maglia Ciclamino (It's back!!): Nizzolo - Probably the easiest competition to decide
Maglia Bianca: Yates

GT Top 10 GC Debutants: Zakarin, Hirt, Thomas
I think the podium will be Quintana, Landa, and Dumoulin.

Landa will be Quintana's main rival, but will lose the Giro in the ITTs. Dumolin will get on the podium by destroying everyone in stage 10.
I hope for anyone with more than 170 cm and 60 kg. But I know it will be hard to beat Quintana now when they build GTs for him. Anyway, I believe that Nibali is somehow going to end up on the top spot.
Jul 14, 2015
Podium: G, Dumoulin, Quintana
Stage 1 Winner: Greipel
Stage 10 Winner: G
Stage 21: Winner: Dumoulin

Landa DNF, Nibali will stutter about "his mind in the wrong place" after losing huge chunks of time in stage 4 and 9, Quintana loses it in the TTs, the "TT revelation" Pinot fails to do a single good TT after it turns out his one good performance was a fluke
Apr 18, 2017
Podium: 1.Pinot 2.Thomas 3.Nibali (Quintana abandons, SK fall out of GC because of bad day, Landa will be in top 10)
Most Stage Wins: Ewan and R.Costa (both 2 wins)
Stage 1 Winner: Ewan
Stage 10 Winner: Dumoulin
Stage 21: Winner: Dennis( if abandon, then Dumoulin again)
GT Top 10 GC Debutants: Zakarin, Thomas (maybe Kangert)
Podium: Quintana, Nibali, Kruijswijk
Most Stage Wins: Quintana
Stage 1 Winner: Greipel
Stage 10 Winner: Pinot or Dumoulin
Stage 21: Winner: Campenaerts
GT Top 10 GC Debutants: Zakarin, Kangert
Maglia Bianca: Yates
Maglia Ciclamino: Nizzolo
Maglia Azzurra: Formolo
Re: Re:

klintE said:
Vesica said:
Podium: Quintana, Nibali, Kruijswijk
Fairy tale
Vesica said:
Most Stage Wins: Quintana
Fairy tale
Vesica said:
Stage 10 Winner: Pinot or Dumoulin
Fairy tale

Please explain to me and the others on this forum why those predictions are fairy tales. And maybe you can put up your own predictions. Oh and why exactly are my predictions fairy tales and not those of other members? just curious.
1. Quintana
2. Nibali
3. SK
4. Pinot
5. Mollema
6. Landa
7. Dumoulin
8. Yates
9. GT
10. Zakarin
11. Pozzovivo
12. Formolo
13. Jungles
14. TJVG
15. Dennis
16. Kelderman
17. Costa
18. Reichenbach
19. Kangert
20. Rolland