103rd Coppa Bernocchi (October 3rd, 2022)

Welcome to the race that has changed its route thanks to the work of one man and one man alone - Remco Evenepoel. It's kind of a shame he isn't here, but with no less than 15 WT teams it's a great field nonetheless.


The route

You may recall that this race used to end with three flat six-kilometre circuits around Legnano. You may also recall that Evenepoel lapped the peloton on this circuit last year. As a result, this final circuit is gone this year. Combined with a different route from the Piccolo Stelvio circuit to Legnano, this means the distance from the final ascent of Piccolo Stelvio to the line has been cut from 53 to 34 kilometres. In addition, we have one more ascent of Piccolo Stelvio compared to last year. This one used to be a reduced bunch sprint most years, Evenepoel might just have single-handedly put an end to that.

Here's a profile of Piccolo Stelvio. It's harder than the PCS profile claims - 1.6k at 7.2%.

Coverage starts at 2pm, and unlike last year (when the planned broadcast would have started after the final climb and was further shortened because Italian cameras have a rain allergy, meaning we missed Evenepoel's decisive move) it will be dry. This time, the race will be live from somewhere on the penultimate lap onwards, with the finish being planned between 14:53 and 15:32. Unlike too many other Italian races, Eurosport/GCN are showing it.
From rider's perspective I can image this is better than a late finish.
Plus you can record it, rewatch it on tv, rewatch it online, watch it online live. Plenty of options I would say.
It wouldn't be live, would it?
Though, I have started to think that maybe sometimes watching the last bit - skipping around to the interesting stuff - wouldn't be so silly. I'd obviously know who won, but when it's something that happens IRL you can't really talk about "spoilers".

there's also the Münsterland Giro live on TV right after for RhD to watch. No problemo.
You know what else is no problemo? Both races at the same time.
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Think it's a bad move for UAE and QS to send a small group with one of their riders up the road and stop pulling behind, the peloton is too close for those tactics.
I really don't get it either. Stay together and peloton won't come back, now the peloton has a chance.
Could've just played your numbers in the last 15k when peloton would've been out of the picture.