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2004 Tour de France

May 6, 2009
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As some may remember, just as we got into the Alps that year, Jan Ullrich went on the attack and was chased down by Jens Voigt (who copped a lot of abuse for it by German fans. His rant in English on Overcoming was priceless) and CSC. However, it was spotted that a brown envelope was seen being passed from the USPS team car (presumably the one Bruyneel was driving) to the CSC team car. It hasn't been clear what was actually in the envelope, but does anybody have any idea what was in it, or we can take a punt and speculate what was actually in the envelope. Best answer for the latter wins a prize *.

* Prize is 200 Vietnamese Dong. And why is that censored, that is the national currency of Vietnam.
Mar 13, 2009
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surely they do not have hard currency in the team car.

and folks think I am conspiratorial. Sure, they could have paid him 50k, but, not in an envelope, cant see that as plausible


scribe said:
Ok. In that case, imma guess the envelope had a seriously post dated get-well card for jens.

Man, you gotta give it to The Hog. How would he know Jens would face plant 5 years later?? That dude is gooood.