2015 Tour de France Stage 13: Muret > Rodez 198.5km

So the peloton leaves the Pyrenees, heading North again towards the Massif Central. But first a transition stage to Rodez.


Côte de Saint-Cirgue, 3ª (km 131): 3,8 km – 5,8 %
Côte de la Pomparie, 4ª (km 156,5): 2,8 km – 5 %
Côte de la Selve, 4ª (km 167): 3,9 km – 3,7 %
Côte de la Primaube, np (km 187): 4 km – 4,8 %
Côte de Saint Pierre, np: 570m – 9,6 %

Again a very hot day in the saddle, with temperatures climbing up to 35°C.

Not sure what to expect here, break away or uphill sprint. The pure sprinters will sit this one out obviously, but maybe someone like Degenkolb (and other punchy sprinters/puncheurs) might put their team on the front because outside this stage there's very little chance left for them in this Tour (though this is maybe too hard for Big John). Also Tinkoff might decide it's time to dedicate a few guys to Sagan here.
Jul 10, 2015
Tonton said:
Good to see that Netserk liked, or rather didn't dislike the OP for this stage :D .

Who am I going to jinx this time? Break. Voekler.
You'd think if he was that concerned with the OP that he'd do it himself....Everyone's a critic!!!
Sep 16, 2009

gunara said:
I wish Gallopin be Gallopin again and contend for something like this with late move after other team, probably Tinkoff, drilling it.
Gallopin might attack on that final lump and try to solo it. Although it will be hard.

I can't see the break getting established until after the sprint. Lotto can easily keep this together for Greipel up until that point.
I hope more interesting that yesterday....
it will be a hard day with the weather...
Very explosive finish: Sagan, Degenkolb, Van Avermatet...Valverde...
if there is wind peloton could split, but depends on the riders and directors...

Likely a breakaway...
Apr 2, 2015
I am just hoping that NBCSN gets another set of commercials. Hannah and her horse, the Cadillac and anti smoking things are tiring. Anyone recognize the city from the Cadillac commercial?
I will pick Sagan. He seems to be doing ok on the lower climbs. He should be there towards the end. It doesn't look like a stage that a break will be allowed to stay out till the finish.

blaxland said:
this stage has YATES written all over it go boys today is your day to shine.(and save orica/greenedge's TDF)
A fit Matthews may've been some possibility on this one but frankly he isn't. Just what purpose is being served by his remaining in the race completely escapes me. It's not as if he's been able to recuperate to such a level that he can contend on any stage and there's next to nothing left. He should be withdrawn and allowed to rest and recuperate properly.