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2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 11 Modena - Asolo 227 km

Eshnar said:
STAGE 11: Modena – Asolo 227 km

Stage start: 11.45 CET, 18 May



Technical Overview:
Flat stage with a very interesting finale. From Modena, the peloton will cross the Po valley towards north for 205 km, totally flat, whose only slightly interesting part will be the two intermediate sprints. However, as soon as they reach the town of Maser, the road will finally go up. Forcella Mostaccin (2.9 km at 7.8%, GPM4) is a pretty serious climb, with the last 900m at over 10%. At the top there will be 19 km to go, beginning with a very twisty and technical descent. Straight after it, the little climb to Monfumo (1.3 km at 5.8%), which top at exactly 13 km to go. What follow are 8 km of rolling terrain, ultimately descending into Casonetto, where the last little climb of the day starts, the road to the historic center of Asolo (1.45 km at 6%), which tops at 3.5 km to go. From there it's all downhill and the final km, straight and flat.


The Climbs:

Forcella Mostaccin GPM4
Quite a nice, short wall, getting really steep at the end.

What to expect:
Stage hunters for the win. I do not think pure sprinters can stay with the best. At this point of the race there should still be enough one-day racers interested in a stage win, so I do not think the break will make it.

First of two stages in the Po-valley, this one at least has interesting last few kilometers. Everyone on Eurosport said that they expect a bunch sprint, just like on stage 4 so once again I'm pretty sure its not going to happen. However this time the chance is definitely bigger. IMO however the old way this stage was designed was better because there were no 10 relatively easy kilometers between the 4th category climb and the short uncategorized bump near the end.(I know though that many other poster [like Eshnar] like the new version more)

Here is the original version:
Re: Re:

BalearicBeats said:
Bushman said:
BigMac said:

I can understand why one would mention him for a stage like this, but has he shown anything on Lotto so far?

He was 5th a few days ago, but most of all he showed himself in the Ardennes
He's been pretty good in this Giro so far. He's climbing well and working for the team, also today he was with the maglia rosa group till the hardest part of the penultimate climb. BigMac has predicted him to win the stage already 3 or 4 times this Giro, but tomorrow could be his best shot and I agree he is one of the riders to watch.

Valv.Piti said:
I agree Giggs, the old stage was better and more explosive. You could even hope for some GC things to happen, this one, not so much, much more rouleur and maybe even sprinter friendly, I dont like that.

Perhaps an individual sprinter/strongman could win (Cobrelli?), but I can't see a bunch sprint with lead-outs coming to the line together. Not only is the 3km climb pretty tough looking, but if you look at the last 3-4 photos showing the climb into Asolo (from this stage preview from Podium Café), I'm not thinking there will be any "bunch" left together to conduct a bunch sprint.

Unless, of course, they ride the first 100+ KMs in a leisurely parade :(
Jun 30, 2014
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Pippo in the breakaway! :cool:
9 rider breakaway: Quinziato (BMC), Moser (Cannondale), Howard & Kluge (Iam), Berlato (Nippo), Vorobyev (Katusha), Boaro (Tinkoff), Pozzato & Zhupa (Wilier Southeast).