2016 TdF, Stage 12: Montpellier → Mont Ventoux (178km)

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It is not anyone's fault but these buffoonerys lately happen only to the tour .

Last year the bus stuck , this year the banner of the last kilometer and today the final farce.
Apr 3, 2011
I'm afraid what happened was -as Nicolas Portal from SKY suggested - that the last 6 kms of (normal length) ventoux spectators were packed in the few hundreds of meters before current finish, and without barriers... recipe for disaster, given the situation in "normal" circumstances is already crazy enough
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BigMac said:
geargbest said:
Unfurtunate but this is cycling, Contador crashed and got ill without that they would all be fighting for 2 and 3 place anyway. Sometimes cycling can be cruel like that so obvious results should stand. Its better to loose a 1.30 min on something like this rather than getting so injured your forced to abandon.
This is NOT cycling. STOP pretending this is within the realm of what's considered normal in the sport. A drunkard causing this crap has as much to do with cycling as a sniper in the stands of a stadium shooting players has got to do with football.
Come off it! Like a sniper shooting a footballer player?! Get some perspective. It was an extreme incident, but ultimately it's not caused anyone any serious harm - at worst it's cost a couple of riders 1 min - a situation which could be changed anyway.
Jul 13, 2016

Laggard said:
So much pathetic, sad hatred here. Grow up.
This forum is disgusting...Froome (a champion) is being insulted by the mob here, joke!!! If the same ever happens Contador, maybe I will stoop to your level as revenge :(
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Cancelled said:
Warhawk said:
rainman said:
Hugo Koblet said:
Yes, this was a disgrace but come on, it was the most hilarious pictures! Bjarne Riis even said "This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen".
How sad, to find something so idiotic so amusing you guys have gone way down in my estimation
Can I be amused at the idiocy of it all?
No, you have to be so outraged you wish death upon people.

Really, people need to chill the hell out.
I agree it's disgusting, it truly is.

But to pretend there wasn't something so absurd about it that it was funny is disingenuous at best.

And to wish anyone bodily harm, or ever worse death, over a sporting event. That's far worse than anything that happened today.
Jul 19, 2010
who said contador is the only who got a bad luck? Now it moves to Sky & Froome. Quintana? Meh. Meh. Meh. He is the recipient of the bad luck now. Clearly got no leg. Too much hyped. A bit disappointed to him. Porte .. now it's official. HE IS THE KING OF BAD LUCK. Poor him
Jul 14, 2016
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Velolover2 said:
Pantani Attacks said:
I'm in tears of laughter

Thank you. I like Froome but :lol:!

He could do well as a distance runner.

He's not that bad at running is he? Given how far he'd already ridden, he'd just crashed, and he was running in cycling shoes.
One has to admit that the sight of Froome running around in cycle shoes on the middle of the road was a tragically funny picture :)
That said, catastrophic event today. The organizers are partly responsible for the lack of security on the road.

What is also, Porte looked like he was about to open a slight gap. Now we will never know...

webvan said:
I thought it was a Mavic motorbike that got stuck originally with guys on hand right away but we also had pictures so maybe it was a TV motorbike?
Yep definitely a TV bike with the camera and microphones, the driver needs to explain what happened.

If all three had lost time it would be easier to handle but not fair to Mollema now if he gets the same time as LRP and Froome.

Pantani Attacks said:
I'm in tears of laughter

Good lord. I am sorry, I know the school marms and cognoscenti have descened on an INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD (FFS) en masse to rap our knuckles for giggling, but boy howdy, how can you not laugh? Yes it's a disgrace, but not nearly the disgrace that teams like sky/usps 2.0 have turned the tdf into. It's a little hard for some of us to feel sorry.

This is a message board, not parliament. I am sorry if some can't see the shambles the sport has been in for many years. This is just a visual aid for that.