2019 Critérium du Dauphiné stage 4 ITT 26.1 km Roanne

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Kwibus said:
Why did Kwiat and Kirienka take a day off? Seemed like a nice course for both..
Because they might be human...

Article said the team was doing the recon together, so they might have all seen and heard what happened with their own eyes. Even if they were not there it would have been a motivation killer.

They might have all had their minds elsewhere and just decided to get through the stage, while still in shock and shook up.

Juan Pelota said:
Did anyone else have no idea Van Aert could TT like that?

Tejay rode well, will blow it in the mountains.
It's not like he rides a lot of ITT's, but the ones he did ride, he has always done remarkably well. He won a short ITT 3 years ago when he was still a kid, beating Tony Martin. He was 6th in a Belgian Championship ITT over 40km, when he was 22. He was 2nd last year in Denmark, beating talented ITT riders like Bjerg (who attacked the Hour Record the same month) quite comfortably. So, it's not a surprise that he could do a very strong TT. But i don't think many people expected him to ridicule the rest of the peloton like this.
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memyselfandI said:
Broccolidwarf said:
tobydawq said:
memyselfandI said:

There's nothing shocking in Fuglsangs last year Swiss Tour tt. You can check out his level already from 2011 Worlds tt and quality of participants. And his ability to go out hard long small escape groups. It's possible to ride tt when support role, not top form, not recovered aso that he has done alot. But when top form, his tt ability is on level that, say Quintana, Bardet, Pinot, have looong hard road to reach. :rolleyes:
Er, everybody knows that he was a really strong TT'er - close to being a specialist - in the early years of his career.

Everybody also knows that he then became a terrible TT'er and was that apparently until the Tour de Suisse TT last year.

His focus on becoming a climber ruined his TT completely - until last years Swiss Tour.
Completely?! top kek, It did not, it's effin stupid to say anything like that. :lol:

He's no Landa.
Cool, point out his results in ITT the last 5-6 years then? :)
Chapeau Van Aert! Ok, who picked him to win the TT? Anyone? :D

Well, we had the ITT and things are bit clearer - Froome's in hospital, Tommy D got beat by TJ in a TT so he needs to get his knee sorted out, A. Yates gets the GC lead but gets beaten in the TT by TJ, Kruijswijk and Buchmann so he still has TT problems. Ala & Fuglsang looking promising for TdF's ITT.

Kruijswijk/Van Aert and Buchmann must be the happiest after today with regards to the TdF. Interesting that take Ineos & Tommy D out of a TT and anything can happen - after Carapaz's Giro win and now today's events, it seems a new young group is taking over.
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shalgo said:
Bushman said:
happytramp said:
Is WVA the new Seán Kelly? Bunch sprinter, TT winer, and who knows what else?
When has he ever been a bunch sprinter? Lots of classic guys are fast, in fact I’d say a good part of the current top classics riders are faster than Van Aert.
He was just second behind Bennett in stage 3 here. Now, the sprint field is weak, but it was still impressive.
After stage 5, can we say that Van Aert is a bunch sprinter now?