2019 Tour de Suisse

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The startlist: https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/tour-de-suisse/2019/gc/startlist/roster
The big thing is probably Thomas and Bernal trying to bedt eachother to be the team leader for the Tour. You also have the specialists Rui Costa and Spilak. Other interesting gc riders are Mas, Soler, Kelderman, Pozzovivo and McNulty could surprise people. It's also the first stage race for Aru after his problems.
Many classic sprinters on the startlist, Sagan, Degenkolb and Kristoff. You also have Viviani with a top level sprint train.
I'm having problems posting the stage profiles on my phone, so here's a link, just change the stage number on the top right side of the page an you get to see all the profiles:
Overall it's a hard route, but pretty interesting and with one hell of a short final stage.
Stage profiles:

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

Stage 9:

Looks like an interesting route indeed, something for everyone. Decent GC field as well, hopefully someone can trouble Team Ineos.
Some starting times for today's ITT - most of GC guys and TT specialists opted for an early start:

4 14:47:00 171 KREUZIGER Roman TDD
5 14:48:00 161 SPILAK Simon TKA
6 14:49:00 152 BEVIN Patrick CCC
7 14:50:00 141 *BENOOT Tiesj LTS
8 14:51:00 131 *CARTHY Hugh EF1
10 14:53:00 111 BRAMBILLA Gianluca TFS
13 14:56:00 84 KELDERMAN Wilco SUN
15 14:58:00 61 SOLER Marc MOV
16 14:59:00 56 *BOHLI Tom UAD
18 15:01:00 34 SANCHEZ GIL Luis Leon AST
20 15:03:00 12 BODNAR Maciej BOH
24 15:07:00 181 CALMEJANE Lilian TDE
32 15:15:00 101 DENNIS Rohan TBM
33 15:16:00 91 KÜNG Stefan GFC
35 15:18:00 75 HEPBURN Michael MTS
37 15:20:00 51 FARIA DA COSTA Rui Alberto UAD
38 15:21:00 47 CASTROVIEJO Jonathan INS
41 15:24:00 14 KONRAD Patrick BOH
55 15:38:00 85 *KRAGH ANDERSEN Søren SUN
59 15:42:00 41 THOMAS Geraint INS
63 15:46:00 1 *MAS NICOLAU Enric DQT
100 16:23:00 53 ARU Fabio UAD

Red Rick said:
Usually Suisse has one of their medium mountain stages create GC action, but sadly not this time I think. Most of the route is kinda vanilla, though I really like that final mountain stage.
Well I can certainly live with this route. Think its better than your average Tour de Suisse route and for sure better than Dauphine this year. You have two hard MTFs and then a really hard a nice final stage - in this setting such a stage always delivers great racing.

The important stuff will be loaded towards the back tho. But the pacing of these stages are quite nice.

Judging on Strava (I know, lolz), Bernal will conquer Flumserberg and win the race unless he loses too much time to Thomas in the ITTs.
A domestic sports' TV channel will be broadcasting the race as it's been the case for the past few years, but what's interesting about it it's that it runs after U10 and U12 international football tournament.
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