Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 21: Senago – Milano 30.3 km ITT

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I assume this is just your opinion of who the best young guys will be? Otherwise, there are other riders in that age range that have GT results already that you didn't include. I mean, Dani Martinez is the same age as Vlasov and barely finished behind him in the Giro despite not even riding for himself the entire race.
Yes it's my "opinion" about who for the time being will be the main GC contenders for years to come. Some of them will confirm, others won't and some others will emerge in the next few years. As for Daniel Martinez i think he's a wonderfull domestique and very strong climber but as far from that I wont see him as a GT team leader in the future but maybe he'll prove me wrong. (as with Remco he also has to improve in his descents, there's no way that you can be a GT contender if you have bad descending)
not quite at their climbing level though really is he? and the Slovenians can match his tt. I'm Portuguese, but gotta be realistic
Pog and Rog can but most other GT contenders can't tbf, and if he can continue with the climbing form he showed at the end, it puts him in strong contention for the GTs they don't show up in.

If some guys peak for the right GT, and Pog and Rog aren't there, I could see about 10+ guys winning if they get a route that suits them and avoid bad luck. If this Giro had been TT heavy, Almeida has as much chance of anyone. Out of the non TT guys, I think Landa would have had a good shot here if he hadn't crashed out and then guys like Lopez, Mas and a bunch of Ineos would have been in contention if this was the GT they aimed for.
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May 21, 2011
Not yet, but if he improves his climbing in the next year as much as he has improved from the last year ...
yes, and has cool head, 3 week stamina and never give up attitude too. here's hoping. the guy was born down the road from where I live and shares my birthday as well as nationality. so couldn't be more biased!
I think quite much people are too overhype about Pogacar And roglic for this yeah TDF and also in general. There Is no guarantee that one of them will be able to win race And be consistent in years to come.
Pogacar won just one GT mostly by Roglic tactical mistake. Lets not make legend from him too soon. I like his racing but still I am not so confident about him to call him next Eddie Mercks.
not quite at their climbing level though really is he? and the Slovenians can match his tt. I'm Portuguese, but gotta be realistic
Could be but maybe he ends up as Bernal's teammate.
I was just throwing a name out there, who at least has showed that he could have what it takes. He got the right qualities that you need to win a 3-week race.

More people will surely come around, step up and be able to have a great race. Just look at this edition. There is a lot of capable riders that shines when in great form and everything falls into place. We see it time and time again. They just dont win many races. There not "stars" or an exceptional/obvious super-talent.

Bernal and Pog are probably gonna be favorites in almost every race they take part in, but it is really hard to win a bike race and a lot of work that needs to be done for it to happen. Things aligning perfectly, but the same things could easily fall apart quickly for many reasons.
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Meanwhile at team Jumbo Visma they had to make due with a sidewalk and orange juice

Since I know you're a fan of the Grenadiers jeep, they have now colored it pink. ;)

About to get hammered.

Fun race. Good to see the whole top 10 do rides they can be happy about. Including Simon Yates, who is standing there like the sober brother-in-law at the bachelor party, but when he gets back home and stops cursing the weather should be proud of his podium.
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