2021 Men's Tour of Norway, 2.Pro - 19th to 22nd August

Scandinavian racing continues with the men's Tour of Norway.

Provisional startlist

As you can see, there are a bunch of interesting names on this startlist. Defending Champion, Kristoff. Former champion, Hansen. Harper and the guys who's most definitely not Harper. Both Hayter brothers. Both Hoelgaard brothers, but - somewhat disappointedly - not Hulgaard, which means that Uno-X is (once again) missing out on having Hoelgaard, Hoelgaard, and Hulgaard in the same lineup. A guy with the name of a former planet, but not the guy whose name is 'Planet'. And lastly the lineups of ColoQuick and Coop are sort of "inversions" of each other.

Race will be shown on ES Player - and I pressume GCN - between 16:00 and 18:15 each day, hopefully live.
Ok, he says he knew Hayter was there, knew there was no way he (Schelling) could beat him and that he is going for GC. Then it actually was intelligent without a sarcastic shadow :D
Yeah it's not that bad, although I don't see where he can drop Hayter on this route, especially with Ganna as a watchdog.
But I guess a second place in GC would be a good result for Schelling anyway.
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