2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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I had assumed that the director had turned off his mike feed for the last few hundred metres, for fear of the volume/content of his inevitable late loss of composure, but he seems to have managed to contain his anxiety and celebration in unvoiced gesture.
Eri Yonamine decided to ride this race because of her love for cycling and for her country instead of resting before she's meant to undergo surgery for iliac artery endofibrosis. So it isn't a huge surprise she was dropped a short while ago.
Hehe, nothing is ever wrong with women's racing in your opinion, is it?
Sometimes Lizzie Deignan wins ;)

I'm not suggesting that that opening hour was exciting, but the response was not to suggesting that the race was boring (remember Copenhagen 2011?) but that this was a justification for shortening the race, considering we've only just started getting races of this kind of length. I rail against shortening men's races too :p