2021 World Championships in Flanders - Time Trials

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A better than expected effort from Plapp, considering he was sick before the Olympics and didn't initially make the final 4 for the Teams Pursuit - Then he travelled to ride L'Avenir where he crashed and broke his elbow - He has only been back on the road for seven days.
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Even most of the big tanky dudes can do like 5.8W/kg for 40-50 minutes, which is a lot higher climbing level than you'd expect from riders with a lifetime subscription to gruppettos.

It must be noted that these ITTs are entirely at sea level which is impossible for climbs of such duration.
After strong TT efforts these big dudes simply enjoy comfortable rides in grupetto: lighter breathing and a lot of time to chat and admire the mountains, just ask Thomas or Roglic or...Froomey.