Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 13: Sanremo – Cuneo 150 km (Friday, May 20th)

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The forfait of Bardet teach us that a 3 weeks race is something incredibly demanding and everything can happen.

We are at stage 13 with all the most demanding stages still to be raced: the third week is really hard with very demanding stages day by day.

I think that to say "this giro is finished and boring" is really too early.
I think everyone knows a 3 week race is demanding and lots of stuff is still yet to happen, but I think the point still stands that this edition has been largely boring through what is now basically 2 full weeks of racing.

For me Giro still > Vuelta though.
The Giro has been overtaken by the Vuelta as second biggest GT in recent years IMO & now this Giro is simply a continuation of that trend. The 2022 edition is also (so far) arguably the worst out of all the recent Giro's. No stellar performances, no great battles, nothing memorable. Not even anything to light-up the watts charts.

On the plus side at least the weather is good so we can actually see the action on tv this year.
Second biggest for whom? Fans- no. Sprinters- no. Stage hunters- the Vuelta is still a worlds warmup. GC riders- I don't think much has changed, it's just that the quality of Italian contenders has dropped off badly.
Just tuned in to hear about Bardet. Damn, really disappointing, was rooting for him and as someone else mentioned, he was the most likely of the favs to animate stages from farther out, including on some of the descents. Bah!
However, I plan to keep enjoying this Giro, because it’s a pleasure to have it to start my day, enjoy the scenery, look forward to the climbs next week, and see if someone really unexpected (or perhaps Nibali or Valverde!) ends up on the podium.

And at least the sprinters teams are making the effort today.