Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Marano Lagunare – Santuario di Castelmonte 178 km (Friday, May 27th)

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Are people forgetting how awful the 2017 Giro was? There wasn't a single stage with GC action before the final climb. This year's Torino stage alone puts this year ahead.
  1. Quintana crashed in the descent of the first climb of stage 15.
  2. Dumoulin shat himself before the final climb on stage 16
  3. Quintana and Nibali literally attacked with teammates up the road on the third of five climbs
  4. On stage 19, the peloton literally split in two which led to a frantic chase for multiple hours
  5. On stage 20, Dumoulin got dropped on Monte Grappa, came back, and then got dropped again on Foza.
So 'not a single stage' is actually 5 stages.
I think Sean Kelly is doing that a little bit, without being too harsh.
Yeah, I dont watch too much cycling with English commentators, but I'd just wish for commentators to call a stage *** if it was *** instead of trying to tap-dance and trying to be hyped over yet another quite meaningless battle in the breakaway. Or point out how the coverage has been horrendous instead of saying "I wonder what is happening in the peloton right now!"
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