Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 8: Napoli – Napoli 153 km (Saturday, May 14th)

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The only person Girmay had eyes for was MvdP. He didn't care if he won, he just didn't want MvdP to beat him.
I think your conclusion is a stretch as Girmay used energy to take jersey points on the road; not a strategy just for survival. He is also young, in the fight of his life and his best strategy would be to follow MVP. He may have no clue about DeGendt and, if the pack's response was any clue; few of them did either. Since I only saw highlights at least they were both aggressive on all terrain. Girmay wants to win and he's got a great hero to emulate, so....there's that possibility.
They're both showing incredible style right now.
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Martin isn't a threat but he's an admirable racer and his approach to riding to "competitive" GC placings always adds a nice extra bit of flavour to races.

I'm of a mind that he's already decided not to complete the race so why compete for the jersey
I bet he DNS tomorrow or after stage 10
I think he will go until the 2nd rest day. The stage to Genoa and to Cuneo could be opportunities for him. And maybe Torino if in the right break.
When shall we expect his DNF now?


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