Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia: Who is going to win? Third rest day poll.

Who will win the 2022 Giro d'Italia?

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I would love to see Nibali win this giro, but I don’t know that 3plus minutes is doable with his form and the strength of Ineos. I hope very much that I am wrong…. That said, I voted Carapaz and will root for Hindley or Nibali.
What strength?

Of course Nibali will not win this but it certainly isn't because Ineos look particularly fearsome.

Bilbao and Landa will murder the others on the descent from Mortirolo and ride into the sunset together.
I choose Billy again (to be coherent with my previous predictions) but I realize that Hindley's chances for victory are similarly good.
Other than that Almeida (if his diesel is very effective) can be in contention as well. Not sure what Bahrain guys can do but an attack for the podium is likely making the race more interesting (no more 4th places for Landismo). Secretly hoping for Lo Squalo exploding the race at some point. And there's still Pozzovivo - this featherweight climber should feel well during those hard consecutive mountain stages. Still some chances for a sensational podium at the age of almost 40.
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I’m sticking with Bota Lume for now, but the race is wide open with Carapaz and Hindley as the top favourites, and not just because they are ahead in the GC. Absolutely would not discard a Bahrain ambush somewhere using Pello and Buitrago, but I’m not sure if they are that clever. Would love to see the shark bitting everyone’s ass in a rainy day.
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Hindley is looking really good but I still don't really see Carapaz faltering and despite Bora's strength I am sceptical that Ineos really get ambushed again with a lead to defend so to me it would come down to can Hindley actually drop him. Bonus seconds might matter though and Hindley's kick has been good so far.

I love what Almeida adds to races but I just can't see him keeping his losses down enough to get on top in the TT.

Bahrain are probably the wildcard as we know they are quite comfortable setting up ambitious plans and with the ability to go on both climbs and the descents there's some good potential to really shake things up.
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Richard Carapink remains the obvious choice, especially now that several of his potential rivals are knocked out. However it's surprising that he's only leading by seven seconds. Maybe he's saved the best for the third week.

I have to admit I underestimated Hindley. I saw him as the second in that weak autumn Giro, but he's become the second favourite now and Bora looks strong as a team. Almeida will probably lose time in the hardest mountain stages. Landa should be good in those, but he made a bad impression on Saturday.

Nibali is the one who might play all or nothing. Finishing between 4th and 7th doesn't add much to his career. However making up three minutes will be hard. It's painful for Italian cycling that he and Pozzovivo are still the two strongest of the home country.

Finally there's the question that really matters: can Valverde get his 21st top 10 place in a GT?



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