Tour de France 2022 Tour de France Start List

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Cristian Rodriguez is out, though. He is replaced by Edvald Boasson Hagen, who unfortunately had to cancel his trip to Legoland

Not confirmed by the team, but Rodriguez has retweeted a post by Ammattipyöräily quoting WielerFlits.

So that is as much of a confirmation as can be hoped for from an Irishman in England quoting a Spaniard forwarding a Finn's citing a Dutch website about a Norwegian's participation in a French race starting in Denmark.
Pinot and Garcia Cortina out with COVID.

Have to say I am not enjoying this year's pre-TdF developments...

E: I at least was not able to verify the Pinot claim so far (source I have it from is another forum, and there the source is a Canadian cycnling website). So lets hope for the best.
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Why would they pick Norsgaard? Apart from him being a big drama queen who always criticises how the team works.
The reasons are I think they should have and I like him. It's difficult to see how Torres is better than Norsgaard for support work in the first week. Aranburu and Garcia Cortina are not there either but I guess they are scheduled for some minor races they can win.
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What are the covid testing rules this year, is it just up to the teams and riders to be responsible and test if symptomatic? Surely if you've got a rider flying high in the GC and he develops a minor cough you'll just pretend not to notice.
For stage races it's a test 6 days and three days before - Besides the mandatory rest day tests in GT's, you'll find that teams are conducting RATS everyday during the race.
Yeah, so far I have not found one. And I guess it would be such a big news that it would have spread already.
It may be that the forum PPanther was quoting had picked up on the report we had already seen as debunked (as many of us were thrown by the false Bora team news earlier in the week):
There was a fake FDJ twitter account going around, saying Pinot had Covid and got replaced by Armirail, which is not true.
Although that would make the Canadian website rather naive in its sourcing of news
Jonatan Vaughters the Americans guy who runs EF is an embarrassment in the way he conducts himself and seems desperate for attention by naming teams last at every race and constant limited edition kits
Agree about the kits but on this occasion I think naming the lineup as late as allowed is sensible so if any changes are made the riders won’t have the discomfort of the public knowing they were not first choice picks.
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