Vuelta a España 2022 Vuelta a Espana Stage 2(s’Hertogenbosch- Utrecht), 175.1 Km Flat


A flat stage, one of only four this Vuelta, where the only hope for action is the wind playing ball.

The Amergonse Berg, renamed the Alto de Amergonse for La Vuelta.
Aug 19, 2022
Is it possible to find the locations of the litter/waste zones somewhere? Couldn't find them in the roadbook...
As I heard it (not with my full attention), he avoided answering directly whether he would sprint or not.
Just watched it again. Answering a question of "Surely you're not saying you won't sprint tomorrow" or something like that, he said, "Yeah, not sprinting". Went on about supporting Roglič and how the team says he's really good at that. "Bigger fist to fry". Seemed very clear about it.

If you have GCN, go to 3:06:45 or so and you'll see that part of the interview.