2023 National Championships

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We go again, because the New Zealand nationals are about to start in South Waitako. From what I've heard Corbin Strong nor Patrick Bevin will be there, but Bennett, Rrrrrrrreuben and Pithie should, as far as the World Tour goes.

The time trial (33k) starts in Tokoroa, near the Memorial Grounds. No real climb, but constant up and down. There is one section on Mossop Road of ~8%, but nothing major. Road race follows the same circuit, only 173k though. However, knowing New Zealand, the race might be over once Black Spoke insert someone into the break.

As far as juniors go, I got my eyes on Carter Guichard. Weird name for a Kiwi? Well, he's half French. Very talented kid, should be with AG2R next year.
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Black Spoke winning was as inevitable as they come, and Oram isn't the worst of them all so that's a plus. Still would've preferred Gate to take it and more so Rrrrrrreuben to go for the upset one against five, but it was not meant to be.
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I fail to understand why Campbell Stewart from Jayco rode in this race - He's never going to win on this parcours and he is better served by continuing his development as a good quality lead out rider.