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2024 National Championships Overview Thread

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Price-Pejtersen wins the elite Men's race in Denmark.

Or not... got DQed because he rode on the bike lane instead of the road...

An impressive ride by Junior Women Champion Ida Dam Fialla, who competed the 26.7 KM course with an average speed of 43 KpH.
She's 15.
The Danish be given me mixed signals, two years ago they fined me for not riding on the bike path...
a good point to raise, yeah she would have done most of it on a regular bike, even if she'd done the bike change bit before it went up hill, so back to i dont know :)

And the fact that she was her usual chatty self at the beginning of stage 3 of Suisse doesn't really say much.
She was her usual chatty self shortly after getting injured! Remember that "Taking over the World!" video she posted?
What’s the purpose of some Italian women riding for Fiamme Azzurre and Oro? To have more teammates or so? But now I see UAE lining up 3 riders and Consonni with the Fiamme with only 2 teammates.
Thought it was to have a combined team with sole riders but now I’m confused.
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That's what I heard the commentators say.
And also what PCS has listed...
Now I'm right back to being confused...

nono I think it was, but I was confused by Dani & Jo literally not calling the winner there, just talking about the teammates (annual complaint about I thought the UCI rules said you rode alone), what a great race and saying Blanco alot and now weve shot off to some MTBing and didnt see a results caption.
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