2XU ad "get ready for winter" - broken link

Jun 10, 2009
There's an ad from 2XU showing up on most CN pages (for me, based in Oz) advertising a "Men's compression cycle pack" RRP A$250 for A$99 "Conditions Apply".

Clicking through the ad currently takes you through to a page for a completely different product ("Cycle Essentials pack" for $149 comprising hat, shoe covers, gloves). There seems to be no reference to the advertised product on the 2XU website that I could find by browing around. I guess the "conditions" that apply are that you are prepared to dig a little deeper...which I did.

Just in case anyone else is interested in this deal ($99 is not bad value for compression tights and long sleeve top), I found the correct URL for the advertised special is in fact http://www.2xu.com/product.asp?id=615.

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