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400 bad request

For the first time today, I've been getting "400 bad request" errors when trying to access forum.cyclingnews.com. There is another line that says, "nginx/0.6.31". Otherwise, the page is blank.

On a lark I tried using Internet Explorer and this works, but I'm still getting the 400 errors using Google Chrome.

I've been successfully using Chrome for months without any such errors. It all started today.

I did get in a couple of times, but then it started generating these 400 errors again.
Me too, on and off since yesterday. On both www and forum. Since nginx is mostly used as a frontend proxy I would be surprised if the browser has anything to do with it . More likely someone has been fiddling with the config...

(But on checking I get more successful requests in a row with IE than I have got since yesterday with Firefox.)