58th Trofeo Laigueglia(1.Pro) - Laigueglia › Laigueglia (202k) - 3/3

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Imoressive startlist.
Trek has a number of riders in very good shape (Brambilla, Ciccone, Mollema) + Nibali.
Ineos has many cards to play too.

Very curious to see how Santiago Umba does in his first race with the big boys.
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Damn, three years since that Moreno Moser victory that had me hoping he'd come around again. Still miss him.
Yeah, same here. He was a phenomenal rider that one year and one of my absolute favorites. I wonder what happened. His 2012 season was something else for sure. His win on stage 6 in Tour of Poland that year is one of my favorite wins. I've never seen a better killer instinct than what Moser showed in that finish.
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Well... if someone has a link to a - non-georestricted - stream of questionable legality, they are - of course - more than welcome to post it here.

MODS! PLEASE DON'T BAN ME! I'm not actually suggesting people break the law.
Only a little bit...
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