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85th Tour de Suisse (2.UWT) // June 12th - 19th 2022


Running for the hills
show-of-strength on neutral territory

Said to be tougher than the Dauphiné, with a quality startlist. Only one Slovenian at the start. Vlasov, Martinez, Evenepoel, Yates (A.), Landa, Higuita, Pozzovivo, Lutsenko, Mäder, Woods, Kuss, Hirschi, Pinot.... But also the ITT will see tough competitors. Küng, Dennis, Asgreen and again Evenepoel are the main protagonists in a 25k race against the clock.

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

stage 5

stage 6

stage 7

stage 8


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@Netserk I edited the map into the OP

It's nine days until the race starts, the early posting of race threads is getting out of hand lately...
What is the problem with people discussing things before the race? Route, startlist, contenders... You don't have to participate in the thread if you don't want to. It's 9 days. Not 9 weeks. And if you really can't help yourself to make a remark like this, maybe do it in another topic which is for a race 3 days later and far less interesting. But i guess it's a refreshing change for a first post, instead of ''thanks for the thread''.
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With the TT at the end, the climbers are forced to drop guys like Remco hard and try to gain as much time on other climbers as well if they want to win. Guess doing this will keep the tension until the end. Slightly different with TT first where you know how much you need to gain..
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I'm sorry, is this a dig? lol - Because you just made the thread for Tour of Slovenia earlier today, which starts 3 days later. Or did someone hack your account?

I think you misunderstood, I am all for creating a treat sooner because of the hype, in a good way. Just like we already have threads for Giro and tour routes for next year.
I must say that I really looking forway to seeing Remco here. After the performances in LBL and Norway, this is probably the first time we could/should expect him to perform on the highest level in a big one week race in the high mountaint. This will be a real test ahead of the Vuelta later this year.
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