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A quick guide to race facilitation, by Paul McQuaid

A little insight on the money-end of elite UCI race deals.

The claim is Pat is fronting the money to go to Italy to sell the idea that the Giro should visit Ireland. We know enough about McQuaid to expect he's not doing it for free, so he's getting reimbursed many times over. The last post on the page hints at that. Does anyone know how that works? What is Pat's commission on the deal?

Pretty neat job getting paid to be the President of the UCI and making money on the side because you ARE the President of the UCI. Pretty typical for an IOC federation though.
Jun 18, 2009
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Basecase said:

Great insight on the dark art, although the verbiage did incur the wrath of a moderator ...

Thanks for posting, I did find that quite interesting. Mostly what I found interesting was McQuaid's borrowing from the Armstrong playbook: "Look at all of the good we're doing". As if somehow, bringing the Tour to Ireland should make up for years of either complete ineptitude or outright complicity with respect to cycling's doping problem.

"He's done too much good for people"...

Seriously, so they all sit together in a room and come up with this nonsense?